Finest Dental: What to do when a clinic closes

Finest Dental: What to do when a clinic closes A sense of loss Being a registered patient means that you have no access problems when you have a dental problem; you are recognised by the receptionist and the dentist and nurse know you very well.The dentist has maintained your oral health, patched up or maintained […]

Extreme Smile Makeovers

Hollywood teeth or bad for your teeth? With TV programmes on almost every week showing dentists giving people the pearly-whites of their dreams, and newspapers touting the latest procedure to give you a “new smile in an hour”, the attraction of a quick-fix cosmetic smile makeover such as dental veneers, rather than prolonged improvement through […]

Should I get Invisalign through Groupon?

When I started carrying out Invisalign there was only one product, Invisalign full. This product allowed me to treat full arch cases from simple to complex malocclusions. I started off in at the deep end and some of my earlier cases were very challenging with some up to 40 + aligners. Invisalign full was like […]

What are Veneers?

What are veneers? In the old days the only way to cover up a tooth’s imperfections was to trim the tooth down for a porcelain crown. This was very destructive and involved all the surfaces of the tooth, even though it may only be the front of the tooth that is noticeable. A veneer is […]

Smile makeover case: 10

Smile makeover case: 10 Instant orthodontics: Both patients were females in their mid 20s. They had not wanted fixed braces as teenagers and now wanted straight teeth. The problem being that they still did not want braces. Both patients had overlapping incisors and prominent canines. We agreed that we could place 6 upper veneers with […]

Smile makeover case: 09

Smile makeover case: 09 This lady was in her 20s. She had been a keen horse rider but had once fallen down and knocked her front tooth. The tooth had broken, and had been repaired, but this had worn down over time, leaving a shorter UR1. This tooth had also suffered nerve death and the […]

Smile makeover case: 08

Smile makeover case: 08 This lady was in her mid 50s. She had 6 upper porcelain crowns placed at different times and she was not happy with her tired smile. The crowns were very opaque and were made of metal covered in porcelain and were also bulky due to the extra thickness of metal. They […]

Smile makeover case: 07

Smile makeover case: 07 This gentleman was in his mid 20s and he complained that his teeth were very long and the fillings by the gum margins kept discolouring. He did drink a lot of coca cola as well. The combination of the acidic drink and possible over brushing to improve the staining can cause […]

Smile makeover case: 06

Smile makeover case: 06 This gentleman was in his late 40s and he was a school principal. He hated his smile as the teeth were “all over the place”. Due to his job he did not want to walk around with fixed braces even if they were white or made of porcelain. He wanted a […]

Smile makeover case: 05

Smile makeover case: 05 This gentleman was in his early 30s and complained of his midline gap and discoloured teeth. He had very little confidence, could not find a partner and could not hold down a job. I did not think a smile makeover would make him successful but at least the tooth problem could […]