Smile Makeover

Your smile is important, it’s the first thing people will notice about you. If you struggle with your smile, and spent years hiding it away – then a smile makeover is perfect for you. Forma works with you to create your perfect smile.

woman enjoying a night out smiling after a smile makeover

Our Smile Makeover Process

A smile makeover is literally a new smile. It is usually done when teeth are worn, very heavily filled, misshapen or when replacing old veneers or crowns. A smile makeover for longevity is only done in porcelain in our practice. Some of our smile makeovers have lasted over 30 years.

couple joying a day out enjoying their smile makeover

With Itero scanning we can create 3D models of the new smile. We can alter the appearance to what the patient would like. Younger, longer or narrower teeth are all a possibility. The 3D models even allow some slight dental crowding to match what the patients used to have.

We then create a template that can be tried onto your teeth so that you can have a look at the length, shape and colour of the potential smile makeover.

Template tried onto the existing teeth

Once we can agree on a smile makeover design then we can prepare the teeth and create beautiful porcelain veneers such as these.

Finished result of 10 upper porcelain veneers

smile before smile makeover
3d render of teeth after smile makeover
smile after smile makeover

How much do Smile Makeovers Cost?

A smile makeover can cost as little as £3600 depending on how many teeth are to be involved in the recreation.

Recent Case Studies: