Restoring missing teeth with implants

Teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons; decay, gum disease, congenitally missing or trauma. Missing teeth spaces can allow other teeth to drift sideways on downwards into the space; this ca cause occlusal and even joint problems. Missing teeth can also create aesthetic problems, but the biggest drawback is the inability to enjoy […]

Restoring drifting failing teeth with implants

Gum disease can cause bone loss and drifting of teeth. This leads to an unsightly proclined smile due to an increased overjet and sometimes vertical drift. A lady presented to us with upper porcelain crowns and proclaimed teeth. She asked us if we could change the crowns and improve her smile. Her medical history was […]

Implant disease

Implants have been around since 1965 and were originally used in science. Professor Branemark discovered that the Titanium cylinders being used in his experiments were stimulating bone growth around them. Implants were then used in many medical and dental fields in attaching prostheses or teeth to bone. The Titanium alloy used is very pure, bio-inert […]

Finest Dental: What to do when a clinic closes

Finest Dental: What to do when a clinic closes A sense of loss Being a registered patient means that you have no access problems when you have a dental problem; you are recognised by the receptionist and the dentist and nurse know you very well.The dentist has maintained your oral health, patched up or maintained […]

Teeth in a day. The All on 4 concept

3D render of dental implants in mouth

Teeth in a day. The All on 4 concept Your natural teeth should last a lifetime, but with our modern diets of sugary foods and fizzy drinks, teeth can become overfilled and fail. Teeth can also suffer from gum disease and after losing the surrounding bone become loose. One or all of these teeth can […]