Proclined teeth and the Eline

The E line The E line is an imaginary line drawn from the nose tip to the chin. In the ideal face the upper and lower lips sit just behind the E Line, with the lower lip being fuller being closer. Changes in the positions can be seen in patients who have : 1 Upper […]

Invisalign can easily fix spaced out teeth

Many patients are too embarrassed to have braces as adults. They put up with their smile (not) because the thought of fixed braces and the pain just puts them off. They missed the opportunity as teenagers at school, because either nobody bothered to offer any help, or their smile got worse as they reached adulthood, […]

How to fix a crossbite with Invisalign

Miss KD was a shy person with a poor smile but could not really afford Invisalign. She had absolutely no confidence.  She hated it that her front teeth were sticking out so much. She had moderate crowding with a narrow high upper V shaped arch, with compressed overcrowding. This was pushing her front teeth outwards. […]

Finest Dental: What to do when a clinic closes

Finest Dental: What to do when a clinic closes A sense of loss Being a registered patient means that you have no access problems when you have a dental problem; you are recognised by the receptionist and the dentist and nurse know you very well.The dentist has maintained your oral health, patched up or maintained […]