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Invisalign can easily fix spaced out teeth

Many patients are too embarrassed to have braces as adults. They put up with their smile (not) because the thought of fixed braces and the pain just puts them off.

They missed the opportunity as teenagers at school, because either nobody bothered to offer any help, or their smile got worse as they reached adulthood, and nobody wants fixed braces at university.

So mid 20s they wander what they can now do now that they are working and trying to move up the job ladder or getting married perhaps.

Invisalign aligner treatment was invented about 20 years ago and arrived in the UK about 18 years ago. It is a series of removable aligners, that move teeth sequentially. You can drink with them in and there is no pain.

In this case study a young woman presented with protruding teeth and multiple spaces. The protrusion is usually due to thane or thumb forces and can push out the teeth and the anterior part of the maxilla as well.

In extreme case surgery is needed to reduce the bone position/ protrusion.

overjet 12mm with anterior spaces

After a careful assessment of the patients needs and dental occlusion, we agreed to use Invisalign aligners.

Impressions and photos were taken and aligners ordered. She came back to have the aligners fitted and the whole sequence was given to the patient. Treatment time was about 15 months, which can be reduced to 12 months now.

She was supposed to come back after 3 months for a review, but did not come back for 2 years!

Inbetween her treatment she had had 2 children and Invisalign was the perfect partner on her journey of self-discovery. She just changed aligners every 2-3 weeks and got on with her life.

We were both very happy with the results and she could not thank us enough.

I hate to say it but the improvement was amazing and she had turned into a swan.