iTero Dental Scanner

The Itero element 2 scanner captures 1000s of pictures of your mouth and then reassembles them in 3D. This helps us to create a digital workflow more accurately and much quicker than conventional dental impressions.

doctor scanning patients teeth using iTero

What iTero and how does it work?

Itero scanners are digital 3D scanners that are used in dentistry. They take thousands of pictures and then reassemble them into a 3D model. The scanning is more accurate than silicone impressions and more comfortable. It’s like taking a photo of your smile but done inside the mouth. Every angle, every millimetre is captured of both the teeth and the gum tissues.

The 3D model can then be rendered and viewed in all angles and with different filters to assess depth, density and contrast of the tissues.
The Itero scan is then utilised in the Invisalign software to create a bespoke treatment plan, that can be altered to the wishes of the patient.

We use Itero for Invisalign scanning as it allows us to produce a simulation of an expected treatment plan within 10 minutes.

Don’t forget that with fixed braces the dentist takes the silicone models of your crowded teeth, but you never have an after results model or simulation.
With Invisalign silicone impressions you would be waiting at least a week for a simulated treatment plan. With iTero you can wait within the same consultation and hey presto you have a simulation within 10 minutes.

doctor handing over Invisalign aligners to patient

What are the benefits of 3D Scanning?

  • 3X faster ClinCheck setups
  • 10X fewer rejections
  • 7X fewer fit issues
  • Simulated outcomes for patients
close up of iTero scanning patients lower jaw to render teeth alignment

iTero & Invisalign

With the 3D scan of your teeth, we can immediately simulate a treatment correction of your condition based on millions of previous Invisalign treatments.

Dr Kumar always inputs his own personal preferences for each patient so that we can create a bespoke Invisalign treatment.

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