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How to fix a crossbite with Invisalign

Miss KD was a shy person with a poor smile but could not really afford Invisalign. She had absolutely no confidence.  She hated it that her front teeth were sticking out so much.

She had moderate crowding with a narrow high upper V shaped arch, with compressed overcrowding. This was pushing her front teeth outwards.

She also had a crossbite as well.

She wanted to know if I could treat her with Invisalign, and I said of course. The only problem was that she was travelling for the next 18 months and would only be in the country every 3-4 months. Naturally she had all her aligners and so could progress through her treatment as quickly as she wanted.

Our aim was to use the Invisalign system in sequence to gently push out the dental arch and create space for her front teeth. This would also correct the dental crossbite.

We took did not want to take any upper teeth out and so we started Invisalign.

Even though she did not come as regular as we had hoped, we could start to see a change in her confidence. She was more talkative and open.

Her crowding seemed to be become less obvious every time we saw her.

We are at the end of the initial set of Invisalign aligners and she is getting married soon.