All on 4: Teeth in a day

Get your dream smile with the revolution All on Four – teeth in a day treatment. 

Get a new smile in a day

Your natural teeth should last a lifetime, but with our modern diets of sugary foods and fizzy drinks, teeth can become overfilled and fail.

Teeth can also suffer from gum disease and after losing the surrounding bone become loose.

One or all of these teeth can have a poor long-term prognosis; and it is then that you have to decide on keeping them or taking them out.

Keeping loose or painful teeth can also be a health hazard as some of the germs around the tooth or gum infection can enter the blood stream and cause contaminate the blood system and heart.

It is always a good idea to treat gum disease and clear the infection.

Sometimes the tooth is so overfilled that there is very little tooth left.

It is then that you need expert advice.

Missing teeth can be replaced by using the adjacent teeth as supports for a bridge.

Bridges are done less nowadays because trimming down adjacent healthy teeth can reduce their life expectancy as well.

Dentures are so old hat that most people if they can afford it would rather not have a loose uncomfortable denture.

Failing tooth
Failing teeth
All on 6 bridge
Gum disease
Bridge over implants

Dental implants can replace many missing teeth by way of a fixed dental bridge.

The bridge carries more than 2 teeth with the aid of 2 or more dental implants.

Removing a tooth and placing a dental implant is the best way of maintaining the bone level and preventing bone loss.

A full implant bridge maintained on multiple implants also helps prevent facial bone and volume loss and that aged look that you get with dentures.

All on 4 concept


When teeth are removed we can place an implant immediately into the socket. This saves one having another operation to place an implant at a later date.

You can have a temporary crown or bridge placed over the implant or implants at the same time or within 1 week.

All on 4 or Teeth in a day is a concept whereby we can plan and place implants by designing the implants in 3D on a cat scan and also create a temporary tooth/ teeth before we take out any teeth.

In more extreme cases many patients ask for all their teeth to be removed as they are too difficult to keep healthy and opt for fixed bridges on 4-6 implants.

This is the concept of All on 4 or All on 6 implant bridges.

Minimum 4 implant bridge

Many patients who have seen a deterioration in their smile can opt for a new smile with bridges supported on implants and provided the same day that teeth are removed.

Teeth with a very poor prognosis
All on 4 upper bridge and a brand new smile

The bridges are attached to the implants and can be detached annually by the dentist for an annual maintenance and clean.

All On Four Dental Implants Before & After

Case one:

7 Nobel Active implants Titanium metal Bridge Acrylic teeth shade A3 screw retained

Case two:

4 upper 6 lower Nobel Active implants Titanium acrylic bridges

Case three:

Nobel active 4 implant 5 unit metal composite bridge

Case four:

Upper six teeth replaced by four implant fixed bridge. Lower four teeth replaced by two plant fixed bridge.