Why you should get your wisdom teeth x-rayed part 1

In general practice the dentist will normally examine you radiographically with 2 bitewing radiographs. These images will show most of the posterior teeth crowns and the bone levels. These images are great for detecting caries and or bone levels. Some dentists will routinely carry out panorama radiography called panorals, that shows both upper and lower […]

The anatomy of SARS-CoV2 and how we clean surfaces in the dental setting

We will be moving to Optizil for future disinfection of surfaces: The arrival of SARS-CoV has changed how the world runs today. This is a virus that is highly infective and with severe consequences if you have it. Three strains, SARS-CoV (first reported in China, 2002), MERS-CoV (first reported in Saudi Arabia, 2012), and SARS-CoV-2 […]

Coronavirus; how toothache can be treated.

In an unprecedented move all dental clinics have been asked to close down. This is to stop patients coming into contact with infected patients in the waiting rooms, reception, toilets and more so in the surgery. Dental clinics have been ordered to stop all check ups, hygiene visits, orthodontic treatment and routine dentistry; they are […]