My teeth are so good that I forgot how bad they were

This lady had anterior crowding and had already had orthodontic treatment. Her main complaint were the 2 severely overlapped upper incisors.

smile transition through the procedure

We assessed her scans and decided against extractions. The biggest problem we had was the overlap of her central and lateral incisor. Due to this overcrowding, the gum tissue was deficient. So, when we straightened the teeth, we anticipated a soft tissue triangular space.

We had to reshape the sides of the 2 teeth to be less triangular and to allow Invisalign to bring the teeth together. It took over 2 years to finish, because the patient became obsessed with these 2 teeth and had actually forgotten how crowded she was initially.

We spent about 9 months just refining the 2 upper incisors. I was happy with the result but the patient had forgotten the beginning of her journey until I showed her the original photos. She then agreed with me.

smile transition through the procedure