Severe crowding calls for tooth removal, but which ones?

Severe dental crowding usually necessitates the removal of 2 teeth per arch to create space and allow orthodontic correction. The 1st premolars 4/4 are usually removed, but sometimes the 5/5 may be heavily filled and are better candidates for removal. The problem however is that the 5/5 are further away from the anterior crowding and […]

Moderate crowding treated without metal braces

Having braces as a teenager is no guarantee that the smile will be acceptable in your early adulthood. Retainers given after orthodontic treatment are not designed to last too more than 1-2 years, and as a teenager you may still be growing. This patient was 22 years old with moderate upper and lower crowding, centre […]

When you think your smile is hopeless

Dental development involves the replacement of the baby teeth (from the age of 6) by the fuller set of adult teeth. Adult teeth are greater in number and are greater in size. The canines are usually in there correct position by 12 years of age, but not in all patients. Sometimes the canines (fangs) do […]