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How expensive is Invisalign?

Question is how much do you value your smile?

What you really want to do is to invest in the correct treatment that is cost effective but gives you the smile that you desire.

There are many ways to straighten your teeth and many dentists who can do it.

How do you know what is the best treatment for your dental crowding more spacing?

Ideally you would put your trust into the dentist with whom you have consulted with, but sometimes the dentist may have a preference in treating you, with which you may not agree.

Orthodontic treatment can only be cheap if you want limited results, that is either you want quick treatment or only a few teeth moved.

Dental crowding may look like just one or two teeth, but it may actually involve more teeth at the back of the mouth.

Ideally you want to move the back teeth first to creates pace for the front teeth.

So orthodontic treatment should treat the upper and lower arches.

So how expensive is Invisalign?

The normal range for Invisalign treatment of both arch’s and moving front teeth and back teeth can range from £3000 to £5000.

The average fee is around £4000 for which you will get dual arch treatment involving most of the teeth in the arch.

Full arch treatment is what you really need, which minimises stripping of the enamel to create space and allows you to create a wider smile.

Limited arch treatment maybe cheaper and quicker but it will involve less teeth and more enamel stripping.

To find a good dentist go for a face to face consultation, get an Itero scan done to see how your smile can be improved and see their before and after cases. Only then will you be comfortable that you have found a competent dentist.

Most dental practises will offer a payment plan to help you spread the costs.

Remember you only want to do Invisalign once.