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Over time repeatedly filled teeth can sometimes snap off at the gum.

These teeth have usually been root treated as well, which makes them prone to fracture. The unfortunate patient cannot smile or chew fully.

Not all is lost however. Dental implants such as Nobel Biocare are the answer.

A non-traumatic removal of the tooth can allow bone to be preserved, and then implants placed in the tooth sockets, or 3 months after healing.

In this case this gentleman in his 70s had snapped off the UR 65 bridge and his UR4 was already missing.

We removed the broken roots and placed bone grafting material (Bioss) and 2 Nobel Biocare implants at the same time.

3 months later we removed the healing caps to check the implants and all seemed integrated.

A metal porcelain bridge was then attached to the 2 implants as 2 units carrying the floating tooth UR4 as a floating pontic.

The smile and chewing facility was restored and the patient went back to enjoying his going out and socialising.

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