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Teeth can be repeatedly filled when broken, with bigger and bigger fillings.

Eventually the nerve may become damaged or the tooth fractures beyond repair. This can end up as months of pain and discomfort.

A gum boil can be the first sign of nerve infection.

Sometimes you can receive unsightly fillings that stand out when you smile.

decay under a crown

So what should one do?

Firstly an x-ray could be done to see why the tooth is failing. Sometimes you can carry out root canal treatment and then crown the teeth. But there is no guarantee and the teeth could still fail underneath.

Many NHS dentists would even find the teeth above too difficult to fix, let alone remove.

If a tooth is removed then you can get tooth drift leading to an unstable occlusion.

Our recommendation is if the tooth is too expensive to repair, then replace it with an implant crown.

Placing an implant is less painful than taking a tooth out.

We drill a small hole through the gum into the bone. Bone does not contain nerves so you don’t get any pain. The bone grows around the implant.

The Titanium implant rarely fails as opposed to deep fillings or root canal treatment.

Within 3 months you can have crowns attached to the implants and your smile is restored. The crowns are attached with screws and no messy glue. The teeth are also easy to floss and to keep clean.

If you ever get a porcelain fracture, the dentist can unscrew the crown and get it repaired.

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