When you think your smile is hopeless

Dental development involves the replacement of the baby teeth (from the age of 6) by the fuller set of adult teeth. Adult teeth are greater in number and are greater in size. The canines are usually in there correct position by 12 years of age, but not in all patients. Sometimes the canines (fangs) do […]

What is Expanding the dental arch and why?

The dental arch is defined as the space within which the teeth sit in a comfortable uncrowded position. The width of the arch is usually wider than the depth, but this can vary amongst humans with disproportionate jaw length etc. The arch can narrow over time owing to teeth clenching muscle action, tongue thrust, thumb […]

How long to close my gap?

A midline diasetma or gap can be present for many reasons: 1 Small teeth or microdontia 2 Buried teeth 3 Pressure from the lip frenum pushing the teeth apart 4 Orthodontic pressure Spaces can be corrected by either orthodontics, composite bonding or porcelain veneers. Sometimes if the gap is very large an implant crown can […]

Proclined teeth and the Eline

The E line The E line is an imaginary line drawn from the nose tip to the chin. In the ideal face the upper and lower lips sit just behind the E Line, with the lower lip being fuller being closer. Changes in the positions can be seen in patients who have : 1 Upper […]

Tooth drift and how to treat it

Spaces between teeth can occur in many ways. A patient may have genetically spaced teeth, genetically missing teeth, or teeth extracted.  Spaces between teeth can also occur from habits such as tongue thrust, pencil chewing thumb sucking etc. Teeth can also drift in patients who have suffered periodontal disease/ gum disease.  The most common space […]

How to fix a crossbite with Invisalign

Miss KD was a shy person with a poor smile but could not really afford Invisalign. She had absolutely no confidence.  She hated it that her front teeth were sticking out so much. She had moderate crowding with a narrow high upper V shaped arch, with compressed overcrowding. This was pushing her front teeth outwards. […]