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Start your Smile with Invisalign at Forma

Invisalign is the world’s most advanced clear aligner system.

Only Invisalign clear aligners use SmartTrack material to shape your smile with precision,

comfort and predictability.

Here at FormaSmile we have been using Invisalign to create beautiful smiles since 2000 and have

created over 1100 new smiles.

Paula’s Patient Journey

Paula came to Forma because she was unhappy with her smile and very conscious of her teeth. For years she had been considering teeth straightening but as a young working professional didn’t want metal braces. After the initial consultation and given all the possible treatment options, she decided to go with Dr Kumar’s advice and proceed with Invisalign.

Paula presented with an overjet of 10mm, where her upper teeth stuck out over her bottom teeth. Her treatment consisted of the removal of 2 upper premolars and then using Invisalign to widen her arch and move the upper teeth back.

So that she did not have gaps in her smile during treatment, the aligners were fitted with 2 fake resin teeth, so that no one could tell she’d had extractions.

Reviews were every 2 months and she changed aligners every 10 days. Her total treatment plan was 15 months.

Aimee’s Patient Journey

After having visited several other dentists and being a nervous patient, Aimee came to Forma on a friends recommendation. Here at FormaSmile Aimee was given all the treatment options, costs and time for her to go away and make an informed decision. The Forma team were always at hand for any further questions or advice needed. Aimee started her Invisalign journey with us 2 weeks later.

Aimee presented with upper and lower crowding, a deep bite and deformed lower jaw. As a result of this Aimee was biting the sides of her lower teeth.

Invisalign was given to widen the lower arch, correct the over crowding and the deep bite. The jaw deformity could not be corrected but as a result of Invisalign Aimee no longer bites the sides of her mouth.

Reviews were every 2 months, aligners were changed every 2 weeks. Her total treatment plan was 12 months and to finish her treatment, Aimee received free tooth whitening.

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