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Patient Reviews

“From the start Dr Kumar and the FormaSmile team have been absolutely brilliant – always quick to answer any questions and really made me feel comfortable. You really get the feeling that Dr. Kumar actually cares about getting you the best results, not just going through the motions! The treatment has been great, and my teeth look fantastic”


“Very very happy with my Invisalign treatment & FormaSmile. My teeth are now lovely and straight. Dr Kumar was very professional and made sure I got the best results. I would definitely recommend. Every penny well spent!”


“I cannot recommend Dr Kumar and his team highly enough. As someone who was not comfortable at the dentists, he completely put my mind at ease and was very patient and professional in explaining all the possible treatment options. After an 18 month plan the results are more than what I was hoping for and I believe most of that was down to Dr Kumar himself. I would completely recommend FormaSmile to anyone looking to correct their smile.”


“Amazing results from Dr Kumar & FormaSmille. I had lost my confidence to smile, I was self-conscious of my teeth. But with Invisalign & Raj’s careful attention to detail, I can now smile with pride”


“Dr Kumar is a fantastic dentist – I met him many years ago & still go to him for my dental care. I had Invisalign which gave me the confidence to smile again. Thank you so very much”


“A flawless experience with FormaSmile. I paid one price up front and that was all (even when I required further adjustments to get my stubborn teeth in line). Dr Raj was always available (at short notice) and flexible and I’m really happy with the final results. I’m so glad I got my Invisalign done here”


“Great service! I started my Invisalign 18 months ago, the result is outstanding”


“Dr Kumar and his team have been perfect throughout my Invisalign journey and I couldn’t be happier with the results. If you’re seeking a honest, reliable and professional dentist then I highly recommend Forma Smile & Beauty- an investment that’ll keep you smiling!”


“At FormaSmile I had Invisalign treatment as well as a tooth removed and dental implant put in. As a result of the professionalism, high quality work, and good humour of Dr Kumar and his colleagues, I will be using FormaSmile for all my dental work going forward. I would also recommend to anyone that is in need of dental work”


“Outstanding professionalism and incredibly pleasant atmosphere. I highly recommend Dr Kumar  and FormaSmile to anyone thinking of undergoing any dental treatment”


“I’ve just finished my Invisalign treatment and I’m very pleased with the results. I always got quick responses to any queries and it was easy to arrange visits. I would highly recommend”


“I completed my Invisalign treatment, 1 filling and a root canal treatment at FormaSmile. Dr Kumar is professional, explains the treatments clearly and is accommodating. I’m very happy with my Invisalign results, I now have a lovely smile and healthy teeth. I would recommend FormaSmile”


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