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Smile makeover case: 09

smile transition through the procedure

This lady was in her 20s. She had been a keen horse rider but had once fallen down and knocked her front tooth.

The tooth had broken, and had been repaired, but this had worn down over time, leaving a shorter UR1.
This tooth had also suffered nerve death and the inside having darkened severely had discoloured the outer enamel.

She really needed orthodontics but was getting married later in the year. Her upper front 4 teeth were sticking out. Both her upper canines were hidden and the front 4 teeth protrusion was quite substantial.

We agreed on 6 upper porcelain veneers with some deep preparation where required. The front 4 incisors were shortened and straightened. The canines were brought out with minimal preparation.

We chose an A1 shade to lighten the smile and to compliment her lower teeth.
The UR1 veneer still had some darkness underneath it, but the patient did not show it on smiling.

Some dentists would have used a more opaque porcelain but then all the other 5 teeth would look very opaque and lifeless.

Patient was very happy

Treatment time was 2 weeks including the initial consultation.
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