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Smile makeover case: 08

smile transition through the procedure

This lady was in her mid 50s. She had 6 upper porcelain crowns placed at different times and she was not happy with her tired smile.

The crowns were very opaque and were made of metal covered in porcelain and were also bulky due to the extra thickness of metal.
They also appeared slightly yellow and again that was due to the metal opaquer layer.

Her upper smile line was also uneven, slanting downwards on her left hand side.
In order to correct the cant we had to shorten the left teeth and lengthen the right side.

I asked her to visit my technician so that they could get a porcelain shade to match the lower teeth.

We agreed to remove the 6 upper crowns, to reduce the bulkiness and replace with metal free porcelain crowns.

We chose an A1 shade to lighten the smile and to compliment her age.

Treatment time was 3 weeks including the initial consultation.
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