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Smile makeover case: 07

smile transition through the procedure

This gentleman was in his mid 20s and he complained that his teeth were very long and the fillings by the gum margins kept discolouring.
He did drink a lot of coca cola as well. The combination of the acidic drink and possible over brushing to improve the staining can cause further gum shrinkage and thus the teeth would look longer.

The fillings were made of composite filling and being thin they tend to absorb stains. The UR1 and UL1 central incisors were 2-3 mm longer than the lateral incisors. The ideal length is usually 0.5mm-1mm only.

The lower teeth also had stains and white patches. We agreed to clean up the teeth and to whiten them only.

I advised that I could place 6 porcelain veneers with shorter lengths where necessary.

Another way to shorten their appearance was to place pink porcelain at the gum margin of the veneers.

I sent the patient to my local technician to look at the white and gum shades.

We agreed and booked an appointment. With the teeth prepared and impressions taken I applied a plastic temporary stent of his original teeth shapes for a week.

6 porcelain veneers were placed with even incisal edges but with slight uneven gum pink margins. Can you spot the pink porcelain?

We chose an A1 shade to lighten the smile and to compliment his lower teeth.

Treatment time was 2 weeks including the initial consultation.
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