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Smile makeover case: 06

smile transition through the procedure

This gentleman was in his late 40s and he was a school principal. He hated his smile as the teeth were “all over the place”.

Due to his job he did not want to walk around with fixed braces even if they were white or made of porcelain. He wanted a quick fix.

The teeth were discoloured and with some failing fillings. The UR3 was rotated, UR2 hidden behind the adjacent teeth, UR1 was sticking out with an uneven edge, UL1 was also sticking out but with a shorter worn down edge, UL2 was hidden and had drifted down and appeared long, finally the UL3 was shorter and with a chipped edge.

I advised 6 porcelain veneers to straighten up the teeth, to level the edges and even to shorten the UR1 and UL2.

We agreed and booked an appointment. With the teeth prepared and impressions taken I applied a plastic temporary stent of his original teeth shapes for a week.

6 porcelain veneers were placed with even incisal edges but with slight uneven gum margins. To have even gum margins the patient would have had orthodontic treatment or gum surgery; both being unnecessary in this case.

We chose an A1 shade to lighten the smile and to compliment his age.

Treatment time was 2 weeks including the initial consultation.
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