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Smile makeover case: 05

smile transition through the procedure

This gentleman was in his early 30s and complained of his midline gap and discoloured teeth. He had very little confidence, could not find a partner and could not hold down a job.

I did not think a smile makeover would make him successful but at least the tooth problem could be sorted.

He did not want orthodontics and or whitening as he knew that the colour of the UR1 and UL1 was very dark.
The UR3 had a discoloured filling and there were some colour inconsistencies on the other teeth.

I advised that if we just veneer the 2 front teeth then they would look very wide and would look lighter that the adjacent teeth. I advised 6 upper porcelain veneers to share out the space problem and he agreed.

We chose an A1 shade to lighten the smile.

Treatment time was 2 weeks including the initial consultation.
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