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Smile makeover case: 01

smile transition through the procedure

This lady was in her mid 50s and she had an uneven smile with many different coloured restorations placed over a period of many years.

Due to her lower tooth wear the upper smile line was uneven especially the UL1 incisor that had a severely worn edge and filling. The filling had also discoloured over time.

Her UR1 and UL1 centreline was off to her right and there was also a slant as well.

Her UR321 teeth were crowned and the UL12 had fillings. The UL3 canine was also rotated.

We agreed to remove the 3 crowns and replace them and also restore the 3 teeth on her left with similar porcelain crowns. The lower smile line was slightly flattened to accommodate the crowns.

Her UR3 crown was shortened to be level with the UR2 crown and the UR1 crown was shortened and straightened up. The 3 teeth on the left then matched the other crowns as best as possible.

The UL1 was lengthened as well as the UL2. The UL3 canine was straightened with the new crown.

You may notice that her upper centreline is very close to the lower centreline now.

We chose a B1 shade to lighten her smile and she whitened the lower teeth.

Treatment time was 2 weeks including the initial consultation.

Chameleon porcelain crowns

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